„Made in Germany“

Germany is regarded as an international market and innovation leader in the field of energy efficiency technologies. This is also demonstrated by the high number of patent applications in the areas of building technology, industrial processes and processes.

OLSTECH combines unprecedented technological know-how with low manufacturing and consumable costs and offers outstanding solutions that significantly increase the efficiency of devices that are widely used.

That is why our products revolutionize the energy market.

Our chance for the future:

Technology “Made in Germany” by OLSTECH

Energy from wind, water, earth, air and sun

With high quality energy products at competitive prices and a highly motivated team working continuously to improve, OLSTECH guarantees a great track record worldwide.

We also focus on personal service, reliable delivery, a long-term, successful and consistent partnership with our customers and business partners.

We look to the future, planning and acting responsibly, long-term and sustainable!

Renewable energy, efficiency and environmental protection

With rising energy prices and fewer and fewer energy resources, prosperity and competitiveness depend more on the ability to maximize the use of energy. This applies to industry, trade and services as well as to private households.

Hybrid building blocks

All of our heating, cooling and power engineering products have crucial unique selling points that we have combined with each other.

Thus, we have managed to produce turnkey, incomparably powerful, economical and durable systems that are second to none.